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What are the differences between rubber mixer and open mixer
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The functions of the rubber mixer and the mixer are the same, and they are also plastic mixing and plasticizing equipment. The difference from the open mixer is that the internal mixer is a closed type of plasticizing raw materials. It does not have the shortcomings of the dust of the open mixer, manual operation by workers, and long mixing and plasticizing time. Due to the special structure of the mixing rotor of the internal mixer, and the raw materials are mixed in a closed, high-temperature mixing chamber, the internal mixer has a shorter plasticizing time and mixing time than the open mixer. The advantages of uniform plastic raw materials, good plasticizing quality and high working efficiency. In the calender production line, the internal mixer is generally used in the next process of the mixer, directly adding the hot mixed raw materials to the internal mixing chamber for mixing and plasticizing.

The rubber mixer is mainly used for the plastication and mixing of rubber, but also for the mixing of plastic, asphalt, linoleum and synthetic resin materials. It is one of the main rubber compounding equipment of rubber factories. Since the 1970s, although foreign countries have developed rapidly in rubber mixing technology and equipment, such as screw extruders instead of internal mixers and open mixers for plasticizing and mixing, they still cannot replace internal mixers. The rubber mixing equipment in the new modern factory is still dominated by the internal mixer, and the mixing method is still using the two-stage mixing method.

According to the development of foreign rubber mixing machine technology, domestic tire companies have begun to test this rubber mixing technology due to the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, good rubber mixing quality, saving operation site, and ability to make white carbon black hard rubber. The tandem mixer is required. In addition, in the newly launched low-temperature energy-saving rubber mixing process in China, the tandem mixer also plays an important role. It can become a white carbon black and other difficult-to-mix, difficult-to-disperse, high-hardness compound. An excellent equipment in the rubber process, our company has conducted extensive exchanges and cooperation with tire manufacturing users, followed up the tandem mixer rubber mixing process and technology tracking research, mainly understand the main production process of the tandem mixer And technical parameter requirements, functional and environmental safety requirements of each device, etc. The main technical parameters and control requirements of the upper and lower machines of the tandem mixer, the extrusion tablet press and the film cooler are determined. Starting from meeting the process requirements, the product level and grade are configured, and after many process tests, etc., Basically mastered the main technical requirements and equipment performance requirements of the tandem mixer, and completed the overall scheme design of the tandem mixer and production line. Currently, engineering drawings are being designed to meet the new requirements of rubber and tire processing enterprise users. Glue process requirements.

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